Our Blended Approach to English Language Teaching

Chris and I met a while back and found common ground on a number of issues concerning the English language learning / teaching world. Our backgrounds are very different – I’ve specialized in technological applications for English language learning while Chris has wide institutional experience. Here’s what we both feel are key issues:

  • Blended learning is key. The internet monster isn’t going to take over the English learning classroom. However, English language professionals can’t ignore the benefits, either. The key is to take advantage of modern technologies to extend teachers and institutions’ efficacy in delivering student centered learning opportunities.
  • The days of native speakers only are quickly diminishing. This belief might take some by surprise. We’re both committed to the idea that a teacher who speaks English as a native language is not necessarily a better teacher. In fact, we’re surprised that this belief seems to persist around the world.
  • There is plenty of opportunity for technologies in the English language learning / teaching space. However, in the highly fractured English language learning world, finding a foot-hold can be quite the challenge.

Our combined expertise, as well as our representing the two standard ‘poles’ of English, will help companies and institutions improve their technological offerings in a sensible manner which addresses real-world English learning situations and opportunities.

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